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Keystone Business Support Company Ltd.

Keystone is a professional services company with management and administrative staff headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The company provides comprehensive business solutions to private businesses, financial institutions, investors, bilateral and multilateral institutions. A special strength of Keystone lies in its ability to help prepare for and implement energy sector projects both with regards to conventional and nonconventional energy sources. Keystone is also particularly strong in the areas of financial modeling and conducting legal and technical due diligence. These strengths are applicable in a wide variety of fields and we are constantly branching out to new areas to expand our product offering. Keystone has a global network of expert consultants across major cities including Boston, Delhi, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney, and Washington DC. Keystone is continually expanding to other major cities as its business grows.

Keystone’s Project Teams pair international experts with local talent to devise Global Best Practice Solutions tailored to the specific country context. This also allows us to offer a high international quality service locally. Our first and foremost goal is to craft concrete and actionable steps for our clients that deliver results.

Expertise : Keystone draws its strength from its diverse team of international experts. The company has a select group of affiliate consultants and experts residing abroad who work on projects as required. The team is comprised of practitioners and academics from a variety of disciplines, all with complementary skills, and extensive expertise. Keystone also maintains strategic links with other consulting and research institutes throughout the world. Experience : The company’s competitive...

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