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School name list of Banke district

Sr.No | Name of the School | Address | Principal's Name | contact No. | Email ID | 1 | Zenith Higher Secondary School | Khajura Bazar, Banke | Narayan Datta Upadhyay | 9848030923 | narayan.datta1 | 2 | Deepak E.M.High School | Khajura Bazar, Banke | Rajendra Acharya | 9848021757 | | 3 | Gyanodaya Higher Secondary School | Khajura Bazar, Banke | Rishiram Sapkota | 9848026188 | | 4 | Arunodaya E.M.High School, | Khajura 1 No, Banke | Rishikesh G.C | 9848020819 | | 5 | Janata Higher Secondary School | Santakuti, Khajura,Banke | Shashiram Karki | | | 6 | Adarsh Higher Secondary School | Khajura 1 no., Dhaulagiri, Banke | Rajendra Sapkota | 9848022833 | | 7 | Ne.Ra. Ma. Bi. Secondary School | Manakamanapur, Banke | Kamlesh Poudel | 9848042798 | | 8 | Janaki Ma. Vi | Khajura Khurd | | | | 9. | Dhrubatara High School | Sitapur, Banke | Khemlal Sharma | | | 10 | Gurans Childhood High School | Sitapur,Banke | Govinda Rawat | 9848112240 | | 11 | Yogini Higher Secondary School | Gaughat, Banke | Kedar Pathak | | | 12 | Jan sewa Ma.Bi | Gijara,Puraina,Banke | Ganesh Thapaliya | 081692400 | | 13 | Bageshowry Secondary School Naubasta Banke | Naubasta Banke | Prithibi Bdr Budha | 9848036743 | | 14 | Laxmi Higher H.S.S | Rajhana | Dila ram Dhakal | 9858023852 | | 15 | Gorkha United H.S | Rajhana | Keshar Bdr Ale | 9858021325 | | 16 | Bal Vidhya Mandir H.S | Koholpur | Updendra Buddhathoki | 081540279 | | 17 | Krishna Secondary School | Kaushilanagar | Ganesh Bdr Oli | 9848131177 | | 18 | Gyan joyti H.S | Chapargaudi, Koholpur | Badri Paudel | 081540104 | | 19 | Ram janaki H.S | Koholpur | Narayan Sigdel | 081540439 | | 20 | Dip jyoti H.S. School | Koholpur | Dilli Bdr Shah | 9848202173 | | 21 | Green piece H.S | Koholpur | Maya oli | 9848109300 | | 22 | Tribhuvan H.S | Koholpur | Bimala Shai | 081540030 | | 23 | Adarash H.S | Nepalganj | Sarad rawal | 9858028194 | | 25 | United Educational Academy | Nepalganj | Bikash Bajracharya | 9848032138 | | 26 | Bright Future Academy | Nepalganj | Kamal Shai | | | 27 | Holy land H.S | Nepalganj | Ishowar paudel | | | 28 | West zone H.S | Nepalganj | R.K Gautam | 9848020723 | | 28 | Bright land H.S | Nepalganj | Bijaya lama | 9858023907 | | 30 | Dhomboji H.S | Nepalganj | Kiran Acharaya | 9858025491 | | 31 | Narayana H.S | Nepalganj | Babu Tarun Gautam | | | 32 | Mahendra H.S | Nepalganj | Dilip Shah | 9848035272 | | 33 | Adrash H.S | Rajha | Prakash Acharaya | 9858022128 | | 34 | Maharaja H.S | Puraini | Ram Ekbal mandal | 9848026251 | | 35 | Red Hill Bording School | Nepalganj | Bhojraj Sharma | 9858027033 | | 36 | Sarsawati H.S | Nepalganj | Suresh parsaila | 9858020098 | | 37 | Lagdawa H.S | Karkado | Dipak Chamjung | 9848025102 | | 38 | Moon Tara Bording School | Rajha | Chandan Adhikari | | | 39 | Dream land H.S | Rajha | Roshan Basnet | 9858020252 | | 40 | Mangal Parsad H.S | Nepalganj | Sushil Verma | 9848021684 | |

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