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Khakpour and Shakley

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After reading both articles, it was clear from the beginning that the authors provided their point of view distinctively. Jack Shakely’s purpose of writing his text was to inform the reader about the discrepancies over sports teams that use Native American mascots or names. He focused on mascots representing Indians as “madmen” or “lunatics”. Porochista Khakpour’s point of view focused on how Television is the root cause of Americanizing subcultures in the US. Her text focuses on the television show,” All-American Muslim”. Both of these authors used evidence to back up their opinions in hopes to persuade the reader.
It is no surprise that both of these articles emphasize the effects upon ethnicities. For instance, Shakley points out that there are still schools to this day that have Indians as mascots. He then comes about discussing the topic of inequality based off of this. He brings up the argument that if it were other ethnicities involved, that there would be a bigger situation. Khakpour talks about her childhood and how she would always play the role of a criminal. The show might not be the best for representing Middle Eastern Americans but it values the different cultures in America. This show could in turn help children have different roles on the playground.
Both of these authors seemed to have a serious but at the same time a sarcastic tone. Khakpour did a great job entertaining the reader with her personal experiences, which in turn can help the reader relate to her. Shakely did a superb job persuading the reader with his tone. Some of his statements that helped shape his argument were,” To name a sports team after an African American, Asian or any other ethnic group is unthinkable. So why are Native Americans unthinkable. Another one,” It is a small matter, perhaps, but far from trivial.” This shows that he is definitely persuasive and knows how to...

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