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Contents Introduction 2 LITERATURE REVIEW 2 Discussion on the Topic 3 Switching Your Service Provider 3 Mobile Number Portability 5 1st Country to Implement MNP in South Asia 5 MNP Creates Vigorous Competition Among Players 5 Research Methodology 6 Data Collection 6 Sample Size 6 Objectives 7 Scope 7 DATA ANALYSIS 8 Demographic Characteristics of Respondents: 8 Hypothesis: 9 Regression 9 Most preferred service provider in Karachi 11 Kind of Service 12 Interpretation 12 Best Service Rater 12 Interpretation: 13 Consumer Loyalty to Brands 13 Interpretation: 13 FINDINGS: 14 Recommendations 14 Conclusion 14 References 15 Attachment 16 Questionnaire 16

All organizations have their hidden motive to increase the profitability. Successful organizations are attracting customers by raising their expectations and are delivering performances over and above the customer expectation levels. Successful organizations are investing heavily on promotion to increase the customer expectations and are devising their strategies to delight the customer. In customer satisfaction process, if the performance falls short of expectations, the customer is dissatisfied. If the performance matches the expectations, the customer is satisfied. If the performance exceeds expectations, the customer is highly satisfied or delighted. Long-run satisfaction leads to customer retention / loyalty.
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority confirms that the total number of cell phone users in Pakistan have crossed the mark of 99 million in fiscal year 2010
Switching behaviour is a consumer behaviour where the behaviour of the consumers differs based on the satisfactory level of the consumers with the providers or companies. Switching behaviour can be enunciated as the process of being loyal to one service and switching to another…...

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