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Kids Growing Up Too Fast?

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Are Australia’s children growing up too fast? Australia’s rapid change in teenage attitudes and trends.
Many of the what I am going to call, ‘elders’ in our current community are constantly questioning why the younger generations are becoming more, rude, irresponsible, arrogant and ignorant.

Like any problem in the complexity of our world, there is no one cause but a combination of them. The lack in parenting is a major factor, along with peer pressure of course. But the recent maturing of children's media and the things they are exposed to are also a cause.
Hello, I’m Jahmiele, and while I may be of the younger generation (I'm only 16 this year), and I in no way mean to heighten myself when I say this, but am proud to say I and many others in here, I am sure, have avoided the trend and completely look down on it as a failure of today's society.

I am also proof that the biggest factor is in fact parenting. My parents looked after me very carefully and made sure to teach me lessons about not following the crowd before my tween years.
Children must be taught morals before their hormones and many other changes like peer pressure, kick in. After that there is high chance that there will be influences, causing them to not listen to their parents and start to rebel, and fall down the path previously mentioned.
The words I have spoken will play out if they are ignored. As parents it is their job to bring up the next generation.

The failure of our children is really just our own failure. When I say this, I don’t mean to say that parents of what we would call ‘rebellious’ children, are to blame for these trends emerging, but with the way society is running these days, I think it is safe to say that there is definitely a bar of expectation, and a lot aren’t meeting it.

I would be careful about absolute generalization, because I for one,…...

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