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Kierkgaard’s “3 Stages of Life (Aesthetic, Ethical and Religious

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Chantae Irvin
April 17th, 2016
Kierkgaard’s “3 Stages of Life (Aesthetic, Ethical and Religious) Soren Kierkegaard (1813–1855) emphasizes the stages of life’s way which includes aesthetic, ethical and religious. It is essentially stated that all persons pass through the three stages to come into themselves. However, the idea of aesthetics, ethical and religious matters does not always coincide with one another. These things all potentially hold different characteristics and are developed differently in each individual. Nonetheless, they will essentially conflict with one another as Kierkegaard describes their stages in a fictitious manner. Kierkegaard makes it rather intense to give his own particular standpoint on the stages of life, and he does not decree answers. On the other hand, he encourages individuals to make their own conclusions. My theory is that the stages on life’s way including aesthetics, ethical and religious stages are the infinite developments on life’s way for all individuals. However, these stages are not emphasized to have had chronological order. They are uniquely criticized differently as they all are developments of life’s way. These three stages were composed for everyone to analyze and evaluate their own situations distinctively. The answer to the three stages of life does imply the individual interpretation on particular stages rather than someone else’s interpretation. In theory, the uniqueness of aesthetics, ethical, and religious stages are that they are developed in every human being for the purpose of freewill. Each person is designed to set the tone for their own lives and develop their own stages in the level of most important to the least. Kierkegaard believed that the religious stage is the most important of the stages of life’s way stating if we get up for God, then we live for an absolute power that creates and supports us…...

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