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Hope is what binds man and his dream.

What shoots through your mind when you are in a trying situation, incapable of digging your way out of it? One word, hope. Hope is like that ray of positivity that states that anything can truly be possible if you have enough of it to push you through any dire predicament; another synonym of hope is the word faith. Without any of these qualities instilled within a person how would they learn to move past obstacles thrown at them in life? Surely, without hope, one would be a lost, wandering soul with no aim whatsoever in life. In the movie, Shawshank Redemption by Frank Darabont, it determines hope being a vital thing. It proves to us that every day that we live is based on the hopes of doing better, the glimmer of faith that brightens our dullest moments and paves our ways to success especially during times of stress and misfortune. After watching the move, it got me thinking just how pivotal hope is and how it could vastly affect our everyday lives.
Shawshank Redemption centers around 3 prisoners, Andy, Red and Brook who’ve bonded over one common dream through one common quality – it was to get out of prison with hope. Andy was faultily convicted for life for a crime he allegedly didn’t commit, which was for the death of his wife. During his time in prison, he’d experience bouts of loneliness and isolation but them comes to the realization that with hope and a little tactful thinking, he’d get out of jail. Andy becomes friends with the prison ‘fixer’ Red, which was a character who’d frequently provide the 2 other prisoners with supplies of cigarettes and alcohol. Andy tries his level best to get used to the whole prisoner lifestyle but still had that glimmer of hope that one day he’d manage to finally get himself out of the prisons’ gates. Upon reaching said freedom, he wished someday live a solitary life by the Pacific...

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