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Moses has been an avid traveller for many years. This year he has planned to go for a trek to the famous Kilimanjaro Mountain. The most exciting thing about this mountain is its snow covered exterior as opposed to the bursting with lava interior core. Moses has always been fascinated by this fact and wants to visit the mountain by climbing it. He has been warned by many that the trek is strenuous and that it needs proper training and stamina to actually reach the top.

Moses’s interest in climbing and experiencing the Kilimanjaro mountain, its environment and wildlife rose high when he learnt that it is listed as an official site amongst the seven natural wonders of the world. His close friend Jemima is very excited to go on the trek with Moses. She asks him to tell her all he knows about the mountain.

Moses is very excited and tells her,
“Mount Kilimanjaro is a wonder. It is not only a snow covered peak with an altitude of 5,895m above sea level but also a dormant volcano in a 1.5 mile wide crater as a part of the Kibo portion of the mountain. Kilimanjaro is not only the tallest peak in Africa but also the ‘highest free standing mountain’ in the world. This is opposed to the other mountains that are widespread as mountain ranges.

There are many peculiar features to this natural wonder. It is located just 3 degrees south of equator which is an area known for high temperatures, but Kilimanjaro has a permanent snow covered peak all year long. This is an extremely astonishing feature and a natural phenomenon. Basically the enormous height of the mountain is responsible for this climate diversity. Mount Kilimanjaro represents all of earth’s climate types from tropical to arctic.Hence trekkers get to see cultivated slopes, wild rainforests, moorlands, alpine deserts and glacial fields. It is the only summit that can be climbed without using any mountaineering equipment and done as a normal simple trek. There are six routes to the top and offer different experiences to trekkers.

The six routes are Marangu route, Machame route, Mweka route, Shira route, Rongai route and Umbwe route. Although Marangu is the most popular route of all due to the ease of climbing and comfortable ascend, it takes five days to climb. On the contrary Machame route is more scenic and offers a view across Mount Meru and is marginally tougher than Marangu route to climb and takes six days. I want to take the Machame route and plan to do some serious photography being a trained photographer. Once we are up there I also intend to take a close view at the Kibo portion and a view from the highest peak – Uhuru. It is believed that Mount Kilimanjaro offers the best view of our planet Earth since there are no high peaks in the adjoining area.

However trekkers who climb this mountain often face the problem of high altitude cerebral edema which is caused due to thin air. Thin air is a condition with very little oxygen in the air than the normal levels that may cause shortage of breath, headaches and some elements of hypothermia. Hence I intend to build on my physical fitness at least a month before I start on the trek. I need to join some trekking classes and gym in order to increase my stamina since Kilimanjaro trek can be a test of my fitness.”

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