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From Coca-Cola's point of view, what are the CSR-related issues? Please, be specific about the issues and the stakeholders

Infringement of labor rights
Throughout this case, the message that was constantly portrayed to the public is the fact that The Coca Cola company simply do not value their workers. Firstly, the accusation of murder does no good to the company’s reputation and secondly, the company made no attempts to seek additional alternatives to prove their innocence. The law suit is extremely significant to the Colombians, for it sets a standard and position of the unions in their country. As quoted from
"If we lose this fight against Coke,
First we will lose our union,
Next we will lose our jobs,
And then we will all lose our lives!"
(SINALTRAINAL Vice President Juan Carlos Galvis)
The case shines a negative light on Coca Cola in the eyes of Colombian citizens as it shows that the company does not favor unions. This could cause rather serious consequences, such as a decrease in demand, adverse attitude from current employees and serious reconsideration from future work applicants. How a company treats its employees reflect a great deal on the corporate culture, and the fact that Coca Cola was accused to have utilized crude, ruthless external forces in attempt to crush a union puts them in a bad position. Furthermore, the company failed to remedy the situation besides constantly denying the accusations. Although the court dismissed the case because it has no substantial origin within the United States, the killer coke case was hard to be dismissed from the minds of people. Stakeholders should be aware of the fact that they need to address the issue of labor rights in their plantation in a way that satisfies the Colombian worker and prove to the rest of the world that Coca Cola is committed to fostering a safe and harmonious work…...