Killer Cops

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Kevin Hooks
Mr. McCarthy

“Killer Cops”

Bang!! That’s usually the last sound heard from any unarmed suspect that has been murdered by the police. In this paper, I’ll discuss perspectives from the victims’ side as well as law enforcement’s. My ultimate goal is to create awareness about these devastating situatons.

It’s no secret that police officers have one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. They’re constantly put in dangerous situations and have to make judgements calls hourly. They must maintain a decent physical stature for this labor intensive position all the while maintaining a good repore with the community. The responsibilities include, but are not limited to Human Resources, Public Relations, being a human shield, role modeling, protecting, holding themselves accountable for any action done, educating and the list goes on. 2014 and 2015 have sparked global outrage about unarmed suspects being gunned down by the hands of police (majority minorities). These situations have shown us just how hard it is to be a police officer and more importantly, that these officers are human being too. All police aren’t good, but all police aren’t bad either and despite whatever negative connotation that’s associated with the police, we need them. Without police, this country would be in complete turmoil and turned into an anarchist community.

Again, I’m in total agreement that we need some type of margin to maintain control over society, but it needs to be beneficial to all citizens as opposed to favoring a select denomination. In recent events, including actual video footage from officers’ body cameras and dash-cams, we can clearly see who is being targeted; hunted, if you will. Not only is this select denomination being targeted by law enforcement, but also receives highly unjust treatment from the judicial system as well. This has been going on…...