Killer Dogs

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Killer dogs

The first text is written by Jamie Doward. He mentions a senior police officer named Bernard Hogan-Howe who has demanded a change in the law on dangerous dogs. He wants a new law because a little girl was brutaly killed by a pit bull. The reason for changing the law is to protect children and victims of dog attacks in general. The girl's death led to an inspection where dog owners could get their perhaps dangerous and illegal dogs examined by the police. About 200 dogs where sent away. But later the dogs who got sent away was given back because of the big grey area there is about defining a dangerous dog. A man from a kennel club also said “ Pit bulls have certain traits but in the hands of responsible owners they would not be a danger”(L. 39-40). RSPCA is also critical about the current law and says that only a few people can define an American pit bull.
The second text is written by Victoria Stilwell who’s an animal-behaviour expert. She gives an outline on how you should act and deal with dogs. She says that it is important that you take your dog to dog training. She also says that it's very important that you chose your dog very carefully. She claims that it is the owner of the dogs’ responsibility if someone gets hurt and you may never leave kids alone with dogs. She uses the following example: “You would not leave your baby alone with a stranger - so why a dog?”(L.16). She does not believe the whole breed is the problem but only how the pets are raised. She thinks that you should pass a test to have a dog.

The third text is by Simon Heffer who’s a british newspaper columnist. He believes that with every dangerous dog there’s a dangerous human too. “For - and please be honest with me - how many of you will have been surprised to learn, in the aftermath of this attack, that the owner of the dog, Kiel Simpson, was a convicted drugs…...