Killer Dogs

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Killer Dogs
There are various views on dangerous dogs and their owners. Who’s to blame for the number of attacks on kids? In what follows I shall give an outline of these views presented in three texts by three different people and also how they’ve chosen to write these texts.
The first text “Police back new law on killer dogs” is written by Jamie Doward who works for The Guardian. Because of the death of the five-year-old Ellie Lawrenson there has been a national debate concerning dangerous dogs. Senior police officer Bernard Hogan-Howe believes that the current legislation is confused and needs to be overhauled. Though it seems that the owners of these dogs are the target rather than the dogs themselves. Kiel Simpson whose dog killed Ellie Lawrenson is facing a jail sentence despite the fact that he’s already serving a life sentence. “The confusion saw hundreds of people in the Merseyside area hand in their dogs to police during an amnesty amid concerns they might be prosecuted.”
(p. 2, ll. 27-28).
Clearly the owners seem to the problem in this text since they are the ones who have purchased these dangerous animals. “Pit bulls have certain traits but in the hands of responsible owners they would not be a danger. The act hasn’t worked; it’s failed to prevent a significant number of attacks.” (p. 2, ll. 39-40). This just emphasizes the view on this subject. Once again the owners are to blame because they haven’t been responsible when it comes to controlling their dogs. A RSPCA spokesman more or less agrees with this. “We don’t believe certain types are more dangerous than others. It’s extremely difficult to prove in court whether a dog is an American pit bull. There are only one or two people in the country who have the ability to prove it.” (p. 2, ll. 44-47).
Not only are the children being victimized in this text. The dogs also seem to be the…...