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Verse 1)
There’s something in your eyes,
It holds a big surprise,
It made me realize how much I adore you.
I hold you in my arms,
I’ll keep you out of harm,
I’ll always have the charm and love I have for you.
You’re my crush,
Can’t you see the way I blush, but I don’t want to rush things with you my love,
You’re all I think of,
Truly sent from above.
Girl i get butterflies when I look into your eyes,
Girl, I get butterflies, yea I,
I get so weak when I hear you speak,
Girl, I get so weak,
I get butterflies.
Oh I love the way you smile,
It’s got me going wild,
I never imagined having this feeling.
From the way you flip you hair,
To the glances that you share,
And the loving way you care,
Has my heart hit the ceiling.
You’re my crush
Can’t you see the way I blush
But I don’t want to rush things to quick with you,
You’re my baby boo,
Oh darling I love you. (repeat Chorus)


I got it I got it the note you gave me when you left
Mmhhmm mmmmhhhmmm
Still got it still got it lying exactly where you left it
My heart broke in two,
There was no super glue to mend it
Yeah, I was stuck on you
Didn't know how to end it.
Yeah yeah yeah
You are my fifth, fourth or third seconds not the word
You are my first my first true love
Sad to say to this very day
Your still the one I'm thinking of
Cause your my first true love

It's over it's over
I still don't even know why we're over
And lately oh lately
I've had those questions on my mind
Mmmhhhmmmm oh
There was no such cure I hate to endure you letter
Mmmmm oh thee only thing that helps
Is my friends saying I can do better
Yeah yeah yeah (repeat CHORUS)

I need to surf
Cause it's killing me
No one to hurt
Love is…...

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