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Kinesthic Learning Style: Things to Consider

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Running head: Kinesthetic Learning Style: Things to Consider

Kinesthetic Learning Style: Things to Consider
Brenda Sellner
Grand Canyon University: NRS429V
August 5, 2012

Kinesthetic Learning Style: Things to Consider There are several tools that are available to determine the learning style and learning strategies that could be helpful to a person. The Vark analysis is just one of the tools. VARK analysis has four categories that it uses when determining a person’s learning style. The four categories are visual, aural, read/write, and kinesthetic. In the following text the kinesthetic learning style will be discussed and explored for a better understanding of the style itself and learning strategies that may be helpful in the future. The four styles that VARK has used are just as they sound. Visual is needing to see how and what a person needs to learn, aural is more of a need to hear about the things that are being needed to learn, read/write is just that a person needs to be able to read the content and be able to write the content, and kinesthetic is more a physical need using all senses sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. A person that has a learning style of kinesthetic would excel in a program that had labs and field trips. Since education today is done mostly on the computer is makes it more difficult for the kinesthetic learner. The kinesthetic learner would do well in on line courses if they were able to enroll in classes that the lectures or reading gave real life examples, exhibits, and photographs. Trial and error is also a way of learning for the kinesthetic person. A person that learns in this way will probably have collections such as rocks, shells or whatever they are attempting to learn and retain the information. Hands-on is another way of learning unfortunately in a busy world that is not always...

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