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The movie War Room, filled with heart , humor is a journey that follows Tony and Elizabeth Jordan, your average middle class family, that seemed to have it all together, great jobs, a beautiful daughter, their dream home, but appearances can be deceiving. Their home, their marriage, has become a war zone, and their daughter is collateral damage.

Elizabeth is a realtor, and meets a client, Mrs. Clara, after showing the home, Mrs. Clara, an older, wiser woman senses something going on with Elizabeth , Mrs. Clara, invites her the next morning for coffee. Mrs. Clara being a woman of wisdom, asks Elizabeth about her church and prayer life. Elizabeth says she goes to church sometimes and considers her prayer life lukewarm. Liz, basically sets off her relationship with Mrs. Clara, who sees an opportunity to mentor Elizabeth, and meet with her one hour a week. to teach her about prayer and how to pray for her husband. She then agrees, Mrs. Clara tells her that God calls us to pray. not to change people, and that her battle is not with her husband but with the devil who has taken control of her house and her marriage.

Mrs. Clara then shows her a closet which she calls “War Room” where she goes to pray daily, she has scriptures, notes posted on the wall of her “War Room” about what to pray for, what situations, and what she needs to pray for. Outside of the closet she has a wall, of Remembrance of Answered Prayers. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is having problems with her daughter, and her husband, just about this time she gets a text from a friend telling her that Tony was having dinner with another woman, and it doesn’t look like business. She then breaks down and begins to cry, This is the breaking point for Elizabeth , at this moment she goes into her Prayer Room and genuinely prays, she finds scriptures...

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