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Kingdom Hall versus Southern Baptist Church
Human Behavioral Perspective
October 3, 2013

I never understood the concept of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I thought they go from door to door trying to convert people to their beliefs and that they did not observe holidays. As a kid I thought that was absurd, I felt sorry for the other kids that did not get gifts like the rest of us. As I grew older I realized that Santa was not a real person anyway.
Walking in to the Kingdom Hall I thought to myself this is a very diverse crowd and what seems to be a casual dress environment, but women cannot wear pants during worship. I was greeted at the door, which was very welcoming and inviting. The Elders in the congregation are the older members. They’re in charge of the congregation; they do not hold titles like preachers and pastors. The Kingdom Hall is used for meetings for worship which are reading scriptures from their Bible “New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures.” They also read articles from the Watch Tower Magazines. Before the meeting begins everyone holds hands and pray before singing together. I thought that to be very interesting and different. At the end they closed the meeting with a song and a prayer. Afterward everyone stays gathered to socialize. Some Kingdom Halls have libraries and contribution boxes.
My upbringing was quite different from the Hall. We went to church faithfully every Sunday. It was expected to last for at the least three hours. I grew up in a Southern Baptist Church. We are greeted with female ushers dressed in all white. My church is Majority African American. We have a Choir that sings Gospel songs and a Pastor that preaches sermons in his own style, that also reference scriptures from the Holy Bible, Old and New Testament. To me Sundays are like a fashion show, I love to see what big hats the older women are wearing from week to week.…...