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Kingfisher Airlines

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Investment Analysis Project (BEAM048)
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Executive Summary 5 1. Company Overview 6 A. Branding and Strategy 6 B. Recent Developments 7 2. Industry Review 8 A. Global Sector Overview 8 B. Aviation in India 9 a. Political Factors 9 Opportunities: 9 1. Foreign Direct Investment: 9 2. Infrastructure: 9 3. Debt Restructuring: 9 Threats: 10 1. Freedoms of Air agreements: 10 2. Ground handling Policy: 10 3. Spot Price Controls 10 4. World Politics: 10 b. Economic Factors 11 Opportunities: 11 1. GDP Growth: 11 2. Domestic Consumption and Per Capita Income: 12 Threats: 12 1. Global Recession: 12 2. Oil Prices: 13 3. Inflation: 13 c. Social Factors 14 Opportunities: 14 1. Per Capita Penetration 14 2. Demographics: Growing Middle Class and Urbanization 14 Threats: 15 1. Price Sensitivity: 15 d. Technological Factors 15 1. GAGAN – GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation 15 2. Google ITA Deal 15 3. Social Networking Sites 15 e. Legal Factors 16 1. Pilot Licenses 16 f. Environmental Factors 16 1. Geography 16 2. Carbon Foot Print 16 g. Security 16 3. Company Analysis 17 A. Revenues 17 B. Costs 18 C. Fleet Strategy: 18 D. Operational Efficiency 20 1. Load factors 20 2. RASK vs CASK 21 E. RISK MANAGEMENT 22 a. Enterprise Risk 22 b. Accounting Risk 22 c. Operational Risks 22 F. Competition 23 1. Market Share 23 2. Operational Parameters 24 3. Costs 25 4. Competition Outlook 25 4. Financial Forecasts 27 A. Debt 27 B. Revenues 28 C. Oil Prices 29 D....

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...The name Kingfisher is a household name in India, it’s a refreshing beer and we can call it the Budweiser of India. Making some good profits in the brewery Industry, the CEO, Vijay Mallya ventured into the Airline Industry and launched Kingfisher Airlines commencing operations in 2005. Ever since that company has been running on a loss and right now, it’s almost in bankruptcy. Exhibit 1: Profit/Loss: Courtesy Wikipedia, Numbers in Indian Rupees (X 10 million), EPS in Rs A lot of things have gone wrong with the operations of this airline which has resulted in a big crisis for all its stake holders, not limited to its employees, its lenders, airline partners, stock holders and its flight leasers. Kingfisher Airlines has more than 80000 Million Rs in debt with very little cashflow. So what went wrong? 1) Addressed the wrong market initially? It targeted the business class initially with fewer economy seats in its planes. Result: Empty business class seats and mounting losses. Under current economic conditions in India, there was more demand for economy coaches and lower cost airline tickets. He failed to understand the mentality of the mass. 2) Acquiring Air Deccan: In order to rectify its position, king fisher acquired a low cost/profitable economy carrier named Air Deccan and re-launched it as Kingfisher Red. This acquisition came at a heavy cost and besides, the CEO of Air Deccan Lt Gopi was set aside and the operating principles/philosophies were...

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