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Kingsford Analysis

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June 11, 2015

Kingsford Charcoal Case Study Analysis
Executive Summary
In this case study, we will be analyzing the current position of how well Kingsford is within the marketplace and determine which of the issues are plausible causes in its drop in revenue. We will be creating a comprehensive strategy as well as a marketing plan to evaluate and adjust the matter at hand. First we will begin with identifying the issues and implementing a method to reemphasize the importance of marketing in the business. The goal is to create a marketing plan that will add value to Kingsford’s market share, sales, and profitability. It is evident that Kingsford is a superior product to its competitors such as Royal Oak, but the company faces losing market share to gas grilling because it is a more convenient alternative to cooking. Since Kingsford has already been an established brand, it can effectively market its brand awareness with an increase in media advertising which is a probable reason why the company did not reach its highest potential.
The company needs to correspond to the increasing use of outdoor grilling in the USA which is now a great opportunity for the company to start a marketing strategy and establishing a greater brand recognition. The biggest challenge will be how well the company can gear people’s interest towards charcoal grilling away from gas grilling yet at the same time capture more market share from Royal Oak as well. Throughout this report we will go over the other possible issues that may be most effective in building a stronger marketing plan to improve Kingsford as a whole against its major competitors.
Problem Statement and Statement of Alternatives It is a given that Kingsford Charcoal is struggling to improve its sales and profits to ensure future growth of the company so there are a few potential steps...

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