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Kitchen Oven If I had to be a kitchen utensil or appliance I would be an oven, because it have different types of things it’s used for on an everyday bases. Also it can be electric or gas. Ovens even comes in different colors shapes and sizes. You can use it every day if you had to. Almost anyone can use an oven. Sometimes people don’t realize how easy it is to use an oven. When it comes time to use one, some people gets nervous do to them not knowing what to do first. The oven only have two ways to be used. One way is on top which is where the burners are. The second way of course is the inside which we call the oven. Furthermore it’s always reliable in various situations. The oven can be used to grill for people who like grilled foods. It also can be used to bake different things. You have the top of the oven where you can fry things. I think a lot of people enjoy baked, fried, or grilled foods. Which all can be done with the oven. Last but not least just about anyone can use the oven. It doesn’t come with any special instructions, except for the fact that it gets very hot and you can burn yourself if not careful. Think about it, millions of teenagers know how to use an oven. In high school they even have a class where they let teenagers uses them. I don’t think the schools would endanger the kids if it wasn’t so easy to use. The oven would be the best appliance to be if I had to be a kitchen utensil or appliance. It gets hot at times but it’s very much worth it. Also it’s easy to clean and you don’t have to do that too often. Nevertheless you can get your teenage kids to make some things for you. With that being said the oven is one of the most valuable appliances in the kitchen.

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