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Kitchenette Building

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Information System in Health Care Jerry Wells CISM 2130April 22, 2014
Young R. Park

Information Systems in Health Care

Information systems in healthcare is made to improve management and efficiency of hospital services and it's management. As the years have progressed the internet has played a more and more vital part in our daily lives. This is also evident in the medical field as well. The increase in technological advances over the years has improved and pushed healthcare into one of the top researched areas. Information systems plays a big role in health care and how it is operated. IS are used in communicating, storing, processing, and capturing important information in a more timely manner for better decision making and more accurate data. This has made healthcare more efficient and better to coordinate in healthcare all over the board. Communication and behavioral changes in patients, consumers, organizational, and providers has been evident at all levels due to innovations in healthcare thanks to information systems. The changes that are obvious in communication/behavior are improved patient care, quicker information retrieval, faster sharing of information, more efficient decision-making, less medical errors, more storage room for data and records, and improved information reporting. Even though we see how big of a role healthcare plays it's importance has been underrepresented. However in the past few years interest in healthcare has increased. The healthcare industry is so diverse from treatment options, patients, and professional roles such as nurses, doctors, and specialist. Because of this diversity healthcare branches off into many different disciplines such as public health, business, economics, and sociology.
Healthcare influences the quality of our lives and how we function within society. “Healthcare mistakes have serious consequences...

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