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The Roles Portrayed, by Women in Afghan Culture
Identifying the roles of women in Afghan culture reveals the degrading attitude society displays. In Khaled Hosseni’s novel The Kite Runner there are various occasions when the roles of women are inferior in Afghan culture. Therefore it can be concluded the women of Afghanistan play degrading roles in Afghan culture because they are mistreated and exploited. By examining the roles of Soraya, Jamila, and Sanaubar, when these women are controlled in their decisions it will be shown that they are indeed mistreated by society’s expectations.
The culture of Afghanistan is male-dominated and the women are inferior to the men of Afghan culture. The women’s roles in Afghan culture are to obey the men, stay home and be a housewife. As well as cater to the needs of their husbands. Society is simply people in general, livening together in communities.
The role of women in Afghan culture is ridiculed through the characters of Sanaubar and Soraya. The women of Afghan don’t have much of a choice when it comes to their marriage. Most women have arranged marriages, sometimes these men being much older than them. When Ali a Hazara Afghan man also Baba’s servant, married Sanaubar society judged his decision. “People had raised their eyebrow when Ali, a man who memorized the Koran, married Sanaubar, a woman nineteen years younger, a beautiful but notoriously unscrupulous woman lived up to her dishonorable.” (Pp. 8, Hosseni). Ali is criticized by the society of Afghanistan for his preference in hand in marriage. Society believes that Sanaubar does not exceed the expectations met in order to be the wife of Ali. By Sanaubar being nineteen years younger and Ali being a very knowledgeable and religious man, society is questionable in Ali’s decision. Soraya has a deep love interest for Amir and wants to marry Amir, but has no influence in…...