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In life, there is always a way to be good again because no matter what happens you can always redeem yourself. This statement is especially true for the novel “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini. In the novel the main character is a Pashtun boy named Amir who is the son of a wealthy father and a Hazara boy named Hassan who is the son of a poor father. Hassan and his father Ali are the servents to Hassan and his father Baba located in Afghanastan. In a land where reputation is like a gun which is aimed at you at all times Amir is constantly reminded of how poorly Hazara’s are treated throughout the novel. Amir and Hassan are no exception to the problems in Afghan society and this is seen through Amir’s treatment and jeasolousy of Hassan. Throughout the entire novel all Amir wanted was his fathers love and attenetion but he realized that he had to constantly live up to his fathers expectations in order to gain it. Amir wants to be the only person in his fathers life but instead he has to share the spotlight with Hassan as well who Amir claims is just a “Hazara boy”. Amir feels guilty in many situations because Hassan always takes the blame for Amir’s actions and always shows love and dedication to Amir even in the face of danger. One such incident where Hassan was in the face of danger and even death was right after Amir and Hassan won the kite fighting championship. Hassan being Amirs servent decides to “run the kite” which means to get the kite that was cut and return it to Amir so that he can show his father. Amir at this point of the novel is very self centered and only really cares about gaining his fathers attention and love and nothing else. Hassan runs after the kite and is confronted by three evil characters one of which is named Assef, a cruel evil boy who swears revenge on Amir and Hassan after Hassan threatens him with a slingshot while sticking up for…...