Kite Runner

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Amir experienced the rape of his best friend Hassan as a young child. Amir didn’t tell anyone and he didn’t stand up to the boys who attacked his friend. He wants Hassan to speak up, or to be punished for not helping stand up to Assef and his friends. Unfortunately for Amir, his friend will always be loyal to him and will make no mention of what happened that day in the alley way. This tears Amir apart, he can’t stand that his friend won’t speak about what was done to him or tell his father Ali or Baba. To get rid of Hassan and Ali, Amir plants a watch in Hassan’s belongings and accuses him of stealing it. Hassan admits to taking it and even though Baba forgives him, Ali takes his son and leaves. This is where Amir’s guilt begins to attack his life. He has the guilt from seeing what happened in the alley way and not fighting back or speaking up, the guilt still remains even though Ali and Hassan have left. Amir carries this guilt with him through his entire life, hoping to someday get rid of it, but not knowing how to. After spending many years in America Amir receives a life changing call. His father’s friend Rahim Khan is informing Amir that redemption is still possible, for a price. Amir learns he must rescue Hassan’s son, Sohrab. Once the boy is safe and in America, Amir has finally succeeded in earning his redemption. The last paragraph of the novel beautifully demonstrates the change both Amir and Sohrab had experienced since they met. The last paragraph begins, “I looked down at Sohrab. One corner of his mouth had curled up just so. A smile. Lopsided. Hardly there. But there.” As they fly the kite in America, Amir notices the beginning of a smile. He can sense that a new beginning might be there, once that is hopeful and may bring Sohrab out of his silence and embrace life once again. Amir is breaking the silence with Sohrab, but when Hassan was dealing with…...