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1. Why is Farid treating Amir differently now?

2. Why were “fathers a rare commodity in Afghanistan”?

Fathers were a rare commodity in Afghanistan because during the war it was the mean that went out to fight. They were looked at called out to fight for their country and to keep their families safe. Afghanistan like many countries in this sense because when there is a war they look for men to stand up and fight. With war deaths come, so if fathers are the ones fighting the war. It is them dying and being injured and going missing. So there was less fathers around in the time of wars.

3. What advice did Farid give Amir regarding the Taliban?

The advice that Farid gave Amir regarding the Taliban’s is that to never go against the Taliban’s because they love to start conflicts.

4. What did Amir learn about his mother? From whom?

Amir learned about his mother that she was a very beautiful woman and she loved almond cake and honey tea. He learned this from Dr.Rasul who taught at the same university his mother did.

5. Why are children with mothers but not fathers considered orphans? Why can’t their mothers take care of them?

The text is not suggesting mothers cannot take care of their children. In Afghan culture, that is what a woman's role is - to take care of and raise the children. Because this and pleasing her husband are what women are supposed to do, women are often illiterate and unable to work. Moreover, even when a woman is literate and able to work, men are considered the 'breadwinners.' Women are culturally not supposed to be earning money and supporting their families, so people will not hire them. If mothers cannot get anyone to offer them work and hire them, they cannot earn money. Therefore, mothers are financially unable…...