Kite Runner

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I’m reading a book called, Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini. I finished. It is an interesting story about Amir’s life. He had grown up in Afghanistan with his successful business man father. After Amir and his father come to America, they started a new life. Amir’s father died after Amir got married and had a happy family. Amir goes back to Afghanistan when he received a call from his father best friend. In there, he found out the true that Hassan is his brother. Hassan and his wife had been killed by Taliban and they have a son named Sohrab. Amir had saved Sohrab’s life and brings him to America to live with his happy family. (114 word)
M. D. Moral Dilemma
After Amir’s father died, his best friend father call Amir and he want Amir to go back to see him again. Amir had known something happen, but he didn’t want to go. He has a wife in America, a home, a career, and a family. He doesn’t want to change his life to go back his dangerous country. He must make a hard decision.
I know it’s really hard for Amir to make a decision; he left his country with his father since he’s a little. His mother died from childbirth. He thinks he has no reason to go back because he doesn’t have any relative back there. When he come to America and starts the new life. He almost forget everything about Afghanistan and never thought about go back there one day. Finally, he get back and his life had change.( 78 words)
C. This is the first book I have read from this author and I found myself interested in the book. . I highly recommend this book to everyone. It’s an interesting story with complex characters and situations could make you feel hard about friendship, contrite, good, and evil. In Afghanistan, you can see more sordid life of the Taliban which make me feel upset. I really like this book because it’s a real history which I can learn from it. (79 words)

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