The Kite Runner

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I think the main point that Hosseini was trying to demonstrate was that in everyone’s life there is a turning point. Some event happens and that event has the power to change you into a whole new person, and depending on the type of person you are can change the outcome of what happens to you for the rest of your life. For example, if you are a quiet and fragile person like Amir and you witness your best friend being raped as punishment for standing up for a belief in loyalty, it is likely that such an event would change you, perhaps even traumatize you. A catastrophic event such as that can change you in more ways than are even imaginable. Amir, a timid boy with no inner armor holding him down, now had become scared and angry and he never forgave himself for that one life changing event.
Hassan, too, has unfortunate events happen to him and like Amir, Hassan is never quite the same after these events. First, Hassan was born to Ali instead of his proper father so he was set to live the poor life of a Hazara, trapped as a servant to Amir and Amir’s father. Hassan’s loyalty to Amir, as a servant and best friend, was tested when Asef, the school bully, cornered the two boys. Amir and Hassan escaped with Hassan’s skill with a slingshot, and the embarrassed Asef swore to get back at Hassan. Asef saw his chance one day when Hassan went kite running for Amir’s championship winning kite. Hassan, cornered by Asef, refused to give the kite to Hassan and his gang, acting out of loyalty and love for Amir. Asef’s two friends held Hassan down and Asef brutally raped Hassan.
From the moment that Hassan put himself in danger for Amir and Amir was too afraid to do the right thing, Hassan and Amir’s friendship slowly but surely came to a doomed end. As if such an event isn’t enough Hassan had another unlucky day when his supposed best friend framed him as a thief, forcing Hassan…...