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Essay – Kittens by Dean Koontz
The story, “Kittens” by Dean Koontz, is a short story. Back in the day, the families were very religious, and the families were pretty much the same. The father was the “leader” of the family, he made all the decisions. The mother stayed at home and took care of the house, cooking and the children.
The story has a lot of religious themes. I don’t think this is a horror story, but it does have a couple of moments that could have that kind of brutal and gruesome theme.
The main character is Marnie. She loves kittens and seems like a very normal, curious young girl. She seems so innocent through most of the story, but when she finds out that her parents are killing the kittens and not God, she gets so angry and take her revenge by killing the little twin babies. So she starts out as a sweet girl, who goes to Sunday school, does her homework and listens to her father, but she turns out to be a kind of psychotic. Or maybe she just doesn’t know how wrong it is to kill the twins. Her father is a pastor at the local church, and he is very religious and does not allow people to question God’s decisions and actions. Everyone obeys to the father. He is violent. When Marnie asks her father if God will take the kittens again, he simply answers “perhaps”. She gets mad and frustrated and keeps asking about the kittens and why God did what he did, and then her father hits her. Her mother stays home, cook, takes care of the house and the baby twins. The parents love the twin babies very much, so Marnie thinks that she’ll get even with God by taking the twins.
I think the story takes place in the early 1900, but it could also be present time. There is also a flashback in the beginning of the story where Marnies thinks back of the cat’s first litter that died. The family lives at a farm. And it takes place in June or July, right after school ends...

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