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Now that I am 18, I started to question, “Am I an adult or am I still a kid?” I really am not sure, and feel that this question is a necessary one to answer in order to truly know myself. I want to find out being eighteen really means that I have to grow up. I am legally an adult to the government, but I also know that I am not an emotionally and mentally fully mature person yet. Am I immature for my age? Should I have already grown up? “What does it mean to grow up-to be an adult?” To be a successful adult means that a person is emotionally and mentally aware of themselves, can be self-reliant, engages in healthy relationships, and takes responsibility for the choices they make.I am legal, I have realised that this is not the cool, party, enjoyable life that I thought it would be but instead, this is the time reserved to set my life. I am now legal. I have gained the glorious title of “adult”. Along with this life came loads of privileges and responsibilities that I have to slowly learn to cope with.

At this stage, questions overwhelm my mind, what am I going to do with my life, what do I desire, am I mature enough to handle the responsibilities that tail this change, can I make it on my own and the most frequent question that haunts me, do I believe in myself?

I come across the few people that tell me that my desires and aspirations are unrealistic and that they would not work, but I have come to realize that if I want it to work, it will work. Many people wish well but if you believe in yourself, go for it.I understand that all adults have started of exactly where I am right now, but in my eyes, many adults are too old to know what is going on even though they have been down the same road that I am currently parked on.

Turning 18 I would say is the time that changes your entire life around, sometimes for the better but at other times, for the worse. At this stage in life, we all have the chance to make decisions on how to go about living this life. Despite all the ups and downs, you have the opportunity to get the things that you desire regarding realistic goals.

The key to working your way around this would be by heeding the advice of a reasonable adult. The decisions made at this time in life will determine the life you are going to lead. Is it going to be easy or hard? it all depends on you and the way you think and act. It is either pay now and party later or party now and pay later.

To be honest, I have realised that this is the most important age in any person’s life that determines the situation of their life ahead. Eighteen I believe is an age prone to error resulting in severe consequences later in life if not handled appropriately. A variety of options are available, you either hustle on the streets trying to make it or get a degree and take it from there. The outcome all depends on me, the 18 year old.

In all honesty, 18 is the time in your life were you have the chance to make a difference to your life. Turning 18, I am advised to not allow others to discourage me from reaching my goals, not to be unrealistic in my abilities, education and experience to reach them. Most people really care about you, your welfare and success, it is just that sometimes it is hard to say the right things in the right way.

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