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Note: Please note that the following settings guide has been published to help the students and staff to setup WiFi in the campus. The CATS department is not responsible for the support of WiFI configuration issues for students and staff. Please follow the instructions carefully as they vary for different operating systems.

Windows 7 & Vista GITAM Wi‐Fi Settings
1. Open “Network and Sharing Center”
2. Click on “Manage wireless networks” from the Right side Bar.
3. Click “Add” and Select “Manually create a network Profile”
4. Enter the below settings a. Network name : students / staff
b. Security Type : WPA Enterprise
c. Encryption Type: AES
d. Security Key : “leave it blank”
5. Click Next
6. Click “Change connection settings”
7. Select ‐ Security Tab from the menu
8. Click Advanced settings – Tick Specify authentication mode
9. Select Cisco: PEAP and click Settings Button
10. Remove the following Tick Marks :
Validate server certificate
Enable fast Reconnect
11. Click on configure
12. Remove the Tick Mark – (Automatically use my windows logon name and password)
13. Click ok
14. Click on bottom wifi signal icon and double click on students
It will ask username and password
User Name: student1
Password: login123$
If it will ask domain name: GITAM.EDU

Windows XP GITAM Wi‐Fi Settings
Click on Network properties
View wireless Networks
On wireless Network tab
Select ‐ Students / staff
Click Properties
On Association tab
Network authentication : WPA2
Data Encryption :AES
On Authentication tab
EAP Type : Protected EAP(PEAP)
Click on properties
Remove tick marks for below
Validate server certification
Enable fast reconnect
Secured password : EAP‐mschapv2
Click on configure
And remove tick mark for below...

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