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The Deadly Secrets of Dim Mak Vital Point Striking

Dim Mak is one of the most closely guarded secrets in the fighting world. Legends tell stories of the fabled “Death Touch”. Some have even said that a Chinese Tong member killed Bruce Lee with a delayed “Death Touch”. Of course a lot of what is taught about Dim Mak is conjecture at best. What we want to do with this additional report on Dim Mak, is try and add some additional information for you on how to approach these techniques to add into your martial arts curriculum. Scientific Premium Company- USA makes the claim that the information described here are for information purposes only and we accept no responsibility for you using these concepts to hurt, maim or intentionally or unintentionally end a life. It is with this that we suggest you get a qualified instructor to teach you in your area. The pressure and Dim Mak points that we are going to be discussing absolutely work and work very well. It is our belief that you can learn how to use Dim Mak striking methods without harming anyone if you are careful. It will be your sole responsibility to use this information with the utmost care and sensitivity. DO NOT TAKE THESE TECHNIQUES, CONCEPTS AND METHODS AND START STRIKING PEOPLE! Only use these points for the purpose of self- preservation or for healing.

Why Teach These Deadly Concepts?
One of the main reasons we have made this information available is so that you can have access to what was once a closely guarded secret. Many went to their deaths without knowing the knowledge you will learn with this. The other reason we teach this, is because although we have packed a lot of information into this curriculum and, we have purposefully left out some elements in regards to some of the more lethal “Chi Striking” techniques. However, you may learn these from us…...

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