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Knowing the Cultural and Historical Backgrounds of the New Testament

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Knowing the Cultural and Historical Backgrounds of the New Testament

It is my belief that it is necessary to know both the cultural and historical background of the New Testament. This would help in giving invaluable insight into the core understanding of what the scriptures are saying to us with the cultures and history as the backdrop. Culture was a large influence on the mindset of beliefs and practices during those times. This caused tradition to set in that was not easily changed. Jesus shook up this mindset by going against what was the normal culture and historical practices by showing and proving that He is the way, the truth and the life. The story of the woman at the well gives us a clear example of this. When Jesus encountered the woman at the well, Jesus broke three cultural customs. First He spoke to a woman; second, she was a Samaritan who the Jews traditionally did not like; and third, He asked her to get Him a drink of water, which would have made Him ceremonially unclean because He used her cup. He Jesus showed that his mission was to the entire earth, not just the Jews. In studying the historical background of the New Testament, we can tap into the occasions and events of the divinely inspired writers’ views. For we know that history itself is a lesson that can provide real-time life changing answers. For there to be a culture, there first had to be a history to build upon. The history that the New Testament builds upon is the laws of the old testaments. For we know that Jesus came down from His divine place in Heaven because man was unable to fully live according to the historical Mosaic Law. For He stated in the scriptures, “I come not to destroy the law, but to fulfill it.” Jesus provided salvation from a historical foundation. So in summary and according to my belief, it is crucial to know the cultural...

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