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Knowledge & Best Practices for Human Resource Management

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Capella University

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School of Public Service Leadership, Capella University
MHA -5012 Organizational Leadership & Governance
FALL 2013

INTRODUCTION: (Define Human Resource Management , Talent Development Employee Performance Defined Retention in an Employee Centered Organization)_
“Knowledge & and Best Practices for Human Resource Management” 1.1: Evidence-Based Practices for Human Resource Management
1.2 Best Practices & Expectations for Accountability in Human Resource Management, and Talent Development in Health Care Organizations
1.3 Professionalism, Skills Sets and Abilities: Their Usage & Impact in effective talent development and employee retention
1.4 Finance & Fiscal Awareness: How Organizational Leaders use this knowledge when making Human Resource Management Decisions
1.5 Legal and Regulatory Requirements: Their Impact in Human Resource Management Decision Making in Health Care Organizations
1.6 Indirect Influence: How Organizational Leaders use this in Human Resource Management in Employee-Centered Organization


Talent Recruitment & Retention in an Employee-Centered Organization
2.1 Summary of Conditions needed for an employee-centered organization
2.2 Implementation Plan to execute conditions identified for an effective employee-centered organization




“Knowledge & and Best Practices for Human Resource Management”

1.1: Evidence-Based Practices for Human Resource Management 1.2 Best Practices & Expectations for Accountability in Human Resource Management, and Talent Development in Health Care Organizations
1.3 Professionalism, Skills Sets and...

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