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Knowledge Management Through Stratetegic Management Process

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Knowledge Management (KM) is the key factor for the organizational success and survival. In the competitive business environments, knowledge management involve strategic management processes. The processes consist of formulating stages, implementation stages, and controlling stages. With a systematic strategic management approach, organizations are able to generate competitive advantage and achieve organizational objectives. This paper provides an approach for organization to manage KM through strategic management process. KM currently is a discipline which is growing very fast. Therefore to support business viability and competitiveness, organization needs to integrate fragmented landscape of KM with strategic management process.
Keywords: Knowledge Management, Strategic Management. 1.0 INTRODUCTION
According to Webb (1998), KM is the process of identification, optimization and active management of intellectual assets to create value, increase productivity and gain and sustain competitive advantage. Meanwhile, Murray (1998) said KM is a strategy that turns an organization’s intellectual assets and the talents of its members to produce new productivity, value and increase competitiveness. Therefore, we can conclude that KM is a discipline, designed to provide strategy, process, and technology to increase organizational learning.
A part from that, strategy is the major plan to be undertaken and allocating resources to organization (Cannon, 1968). Aaker (1984) also suggested that, organization needs to assign people or a group of people to seize the responsibility for analysing new issues, such as KM and developing responsive strategies. This is due to the fact that KM is gradually turning into a major resource center for the organizations. The basic factors provide the changes for competition...

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