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Knwledge vs. Godd Life

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Knowledge vs. the Good Life Although education could lead to a good life, there is more to a life worth living. It isn’t all about stepping over the cracks to follow the right way to a good life. The cracks are what many people fall through in our time. These cracks are the struggles that stray people from the “ideal” way to go about life the right way, in someone else’s idea of going about the rules. There are multiple view points on the matter, including the infamous ideal that going to college will lead to a good job. But a good job doesn’t always mean you’ll be happy with what you’re doing. And not to mention the pay to that job is a big deal because remember the college you went to get that job? Well you’re going to have major student loans to pay off. These loans will only build through the years and take years to pay off. As opposed to the “Good Life” which is an important self-assurance that leads to the feeling of fulfillment. “The U.S. has been transformed from a manufacturing-based economy to an economy based on knowledge, and the importance of a college education today can be compared to that of a high school education forty years ago. It serves as the gateway to better options and more opportunity” (Importance). And even though tuition is always rising, there are always financial aid opportunities. Financial aid options such as local, merit-based, federal, and corporate. In your college experience you make connections that will help you through years to come. Having a college degree can also contribute to promotions and better job opportunities.
College isn’t for everyone, this is a well-known fact. And the reasoning for not going to college can vary from not being able to pay for it or having other things to worry about. It’s very possible to make a good living without college and even have an amazing job. You could even get a few “six figure jobs without a college degree” (Quilty) like real estate broker, pilot, hotel exclusive chief, and even a radiation therapist. If you think this is impossible think again! “Understand that finding work is not harder without a degree- if you’re skilled. I find it funny how people often say “My friend has a degree and can’t find a job, so it must be impossible without an education.” Have they ever considered that their friend simply doesn’t have what it takes to get hired? People don’t want your piece of paper, they want your qualifications. Find a way to get qualified. Period” (Olson). Some find it hard to find a job with and without a degree, but what they lack is the simple thought that they don’t have the goods that are wanted for that job. Finding jobs that one is actually qualified for is very easy. And if the job is well paying life a six figure job then that’s a plus! Think of all the money that can be made and saved without student loans to pay off.
Only a handful of things are a definite in life and that is you can’t escape death, bills and student loans. Beware of the payments that come along with college because consequences will be costly, there are late fees, collection fees, and then after all that, there’s a warning to credit bureaus about any and every “problem” to pay on time. This “problem” will be very tedious when it comes to trying to get a “credit card, car loan, mortgage” (Clark) and maybe even when applying to certain jobs. Although there are methods that could help pay off student loans like volunteer work and seeking help from organizations that give assistance with student loans. And if it came down to it getting multiple jobs could help pay things off quicker, even if it fills the day with misery.
There’s an old overly used saying that goes something along the lines of: If you do what you love and love what you’re doing then you’re doing it right. “According to this way of thinking, labor is not something one does for compensation but is an act of love” (Tokumitsu). If you’re doing what you love there’s a self fulfilment were it isn’t even about the money anymore, it’s something you do for yourself Something like this is what equals infamous Good Life but not only that it’s “living with passion”-Vernon Bush (Fields). And living with passion gives everything more meaning and gives life a new taste. “Any education that matters is liberal. All the saving truths, all the healing graces that distinguish a good education from a bad one or a full education from a half empty one are contained in that word.”- Alan K. Simpson. And with that you should know that there are many ways to look at this matter. Going to college leads to many things, like having a good job, good education, and a decent amount of debt due to student loans. Doing what you love may not always pay as good but it is fulfilling and meaningful. Passion and love plays a key role in someone’s life more than a depressing job that only gives hate, but need just to get by or because one doesn’t have the slightest clue what else to do. There are many well-paying jobs, even some six figure jobs that one could get without a degree.

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