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„Introduction to Management“




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The course is designed to expose students to key concepts of management, including management styles, corporate management and hierarchical organization structures etc. Students will gain knowledge and understanding of management functions, roles, objectives and selected techniques not only as individual – independent realms or entities, but in their mutual connections and interdependencies, highlighting simultaneously the business and social implications within the “real” entrepreneurial milieu.
The scope of the completed topics notwithstanding, the following five tenets will flow through and will be highlighted as the proverbial “golden thread” within all discussions & readings:
 “pro – activity and preparation is everything – the rest consists of merely executing it”
 “to be able to get to know and to manage anybody else, I must be capable of getting to know and to manage myself, to start with”
 “people won´t buy-in to the vision, until they buy-in to the leader”
 “miraculous techniques, procedures and strategies simply don´t exist; every technique is only as good, as the individuals working with it”
 “any company is always and only as good, as its top management”.


Expectable /selected/ market trends & prerequisites of succes
“Top- class” firms
History of Management
Management functions: o Managing vs. Leading? o Planning

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