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Komodo Cross Fit Gym

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Komodo Cross-Fit Gym Business Plan
Darwin A Macklin
June 11, 2014
Rob Thompson

Komodo Cross-Fit Gym Business Plan
Executive Summary

As cross-fit gym owners, we are constantly striving to offer the best training to our clients. There are always lessons to be taught, by both the trainers and trainees, especially the concepts or methods we have not discovered or tried. Komodo Cross-Fit gym will offer in our training philosophy, care and respect for each individual client. Finishing each session, each client will learn something different about themselves, feeling energized and motivated. Cross-Fit owners believe that by strengthening client’s body and mind, allow clients to reach their physical fitness goals, and look and feel their best. Cross-Fit consists of exercises such power cleans, explosive resistance training and cardio training. Komodo Cross-Fit Gym will be offering a distinctive style of fitness training pulling from different school training styles and techniques. The purpose of cross-fit training is to provide the most efficient results possible, using every muscle group differently. Komodo Gym will focus on more than agility, stamina, and muscle development and weight loss. We will offer challenging, extreme and creative exercises that fire up motivation and inspiration. In the future, the objective is to provide a safe environment that allows clients of all skill levels to work out in a fun, and open atmosphere. In able to provide this type of atmosphere, we are striving to make Komodo Cross-Fit gym a place where people want to go with coworkers, family, and friends, and to develop a Cross-Fit community within our facility and be greater in the larger Cross-Fit communities.


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