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Korean Girls Stereotypes

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“Korean girls want to become white girls.” One of my Canadian friends said this. I was upset right away, but I could not say anything. I was trying to say something against his words, but there is nothing to say. Most of my friends often said, “Whites are so pretty, white men are really handsome.” However, I have never heard that “Blacks are beautiful.” Since I came back from Canada, I have thought that Blacks are so versatile at musics, and sports. Also they are so beautiful with a great body figure. When I said this to my Korean friends, their reaction was one, “You are strange.” However, I cannot judge, and criticise them. Why? Because I used to think as same as my friends. Koreans seem like they are not racists at all. However, I personally think that Koreans are one of the biggest racists. Honestly, not only I used to be, but also there are still many people who have a tendency to think that White people are intelligent, and beautiful but Blacks are not. I do not even know the reason why I used to have that stereotype. In Korea, there are many foreigners teaching English. Almost all of them are Caucasians. Because many people think that Blacks are dangerous, and not educated. Sort of the reasons could be based on some riots, and crimes by African Americans. The most important thing we have to realise in …show more content…
One of them is a death of a cute boy. A 17-year-old, Trayvon Martin, was killed by a neighbor in Florida. Because the boy is an African American. The neighbourhood the boy lived was a gated community. He was walking around in front of the neighbour’s house. The neighbour thought that he was going to rob his house. Finally the neighbour killed him with a gun. This incident happened just 2 years ago. The neighbour said, “It was for my safety. I was scared, and it was my right to self-defense.” He killed an innocent boy, however he was not given a severe

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