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Kotler-Keller - Marketing Management : Delivering Value

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DELIVERING VALUE expanded the brand to whole “we and accessories, but weinclude alearned line of apparel quickly that it

was not good to have one channel of distribution…
Kathy Ireland
Chief Designer of RFA, Founder of KIWW, Author, Model
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– Marketing Channels and Value Networks
– The Role of Marketing Channel
– Channel Design Decision
– Channel Management Decision
– Channel Integration & Systems
– Conflict, Cooperation & Competition
– E-Commerce Marketing Practices

– Retailing
– Wholesaling
– Market Logistics Classified - Highly Confidential



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Marketing Channel
“the set of firms and individuals that

take title, or assist in transferring title, to a good or service as it moves from the producer to the final consumer or industrial user”
Kotler, P., and Armstrong (1989) Principles of Marketing. Prentice-Hall

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Why It’s Important
• Affect not only marketing decisions but also non-marketing’s
• Convert potential buyers to profitable customers
• Not only serve market but also make market Classified - Highly Confidential



Marketing Channel Strategy
Push Strategy




When intermediaries can be persuaded to stock the product, in preference to those of competitors, then when customers visit a sales outlet and ask for a product by its generic name it is the product of the company which is supplied.

Pull Strategy




Creating such a strong preference for the product among end users that the

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