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Kudler Fine Foods Analysis

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Kudler Fine Foods Analysis
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February 26, 2009

Kudler Fine Foods Analysis

DESCRIBE THE SITUATION According to Kudler Fine Foods 2003 strategic plan the company has the opportunity for growth but needs to use all its available resources. Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet grocery store with the finest meats, produce, cheeses, and wines. Kathy Kudler, the owner, stated that the Del Mar location, as well as the Encinitas location is not doing as well as the original La Jolla location (Kudler, 2003). All three locations were opened using the same business model as the La Jolla location (Kudler). Although this business model did extremely well for the La Jolla location it has not been as effective for the Del Mar and Encinitas locations. Kathy intends to open a new Kudler Fine Foods location in Carlsbad, CA area and consolidate the Del Mar location into the Carlsbad location. FRAME THE RIGHT PROBLEM In order to rise above the competition and maintain its market status, Kudler Fine Foods needs to increase their marketing efforts. Kudler Fine Foods should expand its marketing efforts into more broad mediums including:, radio, newspaper, fliers, and billboard. DESCRIBE THE END-STATE GOALS Kudler Fine Foods would like to continue to grow and perhaps be purchased by a larger retailer in the future (Kudler, 2003). By increasing Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) marketing efforts, KFF could continue to grow and increase sales. Through marketing KFF will see an increase in traffic and sales.

IDENTIFY AND EVALUATE THE ALTERNATIVES Kudler Fine Foods does not have very many alternatives to marketing. KFF could choose not to participate in marketing its stores; however, this is not advised. To cut out marketing from Kudler Fine Foods would be detrimental to its success. KFF’s sales and marketing budget for 2004 is a healthy budget if applied properly. KFF should focus its marketing and advertising on mediums that produce results such as coupons and frequent shopper cards. Kudler Fine Foods, as previously stated, must continue to market to continue to grow. KFF could also consider more customer-centric marketing. “Customer-centric marketing emphasizes understanding the needs, wants and resources of individual consumers and customers rather than those of mass markets or mass segments” (Sheth, Sisodia, & Sharma, 2000, p. 56). Kudler Fine Foods is very accommodating and is willing to special order products for customers if KFF does not currently carry the product (Kudler, 2003). This willingness is why customer-centric marketing is an excellent option for KFF. Kudler Fine Foods should advertise weekly in the local newspapers, run consistent radio advertisements and add billboards. KFF should also increase awareness of the catering services available. Kudler Fine Foods should also construct its advertising around its locations. IDENTIFY AND ASSESS RISKS Some potential risks for Kudler Fine Foods’ not marketing include loss of customers, store closures and loss of investments. Kudler Fine Foods should increase their marketing budget annually as the stores continue to grow. By not increasing its advertising budget KFF may be required to close its less profitable locations and may eventually close its doors completely. Marketing is important for all businesses, the customers must know the business exists. MAKE THE DECISION Kudler Fine Foods will increase its marketing mediums and will concentrate on running advertisements in the local newspapers as well as the local radio stations, flyers and billboards. These advertisements will be more heavily concentrated around the “busy” seasons of spring and fall. DEVELOP AND IMPLEMENT THE SOLUTION Kudler Fine Foods will construct a more detailed marketing plan and will focus each store individually to meet each need. By extending its marketing efforts KFF will advertise its store and products on billboards, radio, fliers, newspapers and frequent shopper cards. This marketing expansion will increase traffic and sales in the stores and will help Kudler Fine Foods continue to grow. Kudler Fine Foods marketing efforts will benefit the company with new and return customers and will continue to grow to desired results. EVALUATE THE RESULTS After 1 year of the new marketing efforts Kudler Fine Foods will evaluate the status and growth of the company and will determine if the suggested marketing solutions produced the desired results. References
Kudler, K. (2003). Kudler Fine Foods Strategic Plan [Brochure].
Sheth, J. N., Sisodia, R. S., & Sharma, A. (2000). The Antecedents and Consequences of Customer-centric Marketing. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 28(55), 55-66. Retrieved February 24, 2009. Retrieved from

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