Kudler Fine Foods Shopping Program

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Kudler Fine Foods Shopping Program
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Kudler Fine Foods Shopping Program
Located in many different cities throughout the state of California, Kudler Fine Foods is a very popular grocery store. At Kudler Fine Foods, their main objective is to obtain profit maximization. This is done by providing high quality products at prices that are very competitive with their competitors. By doing this, Kudler Fine Foods is expecting to have a substantial growth within the company. By enlightening the effectiveness of the company, Kudler Fine Foods desires to develop and expand its services. By increasing their customer purchase cycle, the company is seeking to increase its loyalty and profitability of their shoppers. Not only through Electronic Commerce, but through its Retail stores, Kudler Fine Foods is expecting to make the business larger. A Frequent Shopper Program is what the store wants to form for their Electronic Commerce Business.
In today’s retail business, the Frequent Shopper type of program is become ever more popular. For Kudler Fine Foods, they are planning to create this type of Frequent Shopper program for its Electronic Commerce Sector. Under this program, the store must follow several different steps.
A POS (point of sale) system and an online database to store shopping history are systems that will be a must to be set up by Kudler Fine Foods. Frequent shopping discounts will be provided by the point of sale system communicating with the database. Kudler Fine Foods must put to consideration many business considerations such as legal, ethical, security and many others in order to develop this type of program.
Multiple different legal considerations must be considered by Kudler Fine foods for conducting business through Electronic Commerce in developing the Frequent Shopper Program. For example, the…...