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Kudler Fine Foods Web Site Recommendations

Keith Urban, Troy Good, Tina Cox, Sara Jones
University of Phoenix
November 20, 2006
The design of a web site is the combination of graphical art design and the logical flow of the information the web site will provide. This can be seen in many web sites that have high quality photos and graphics and easy to use menu structures. The photos and graphics are designed to appeal to the target viewer and the menu structure makes the viewer want to return to the site or stay on the site longer. When the graphics on a web site are plan and ordinary or the menu structure is difficult to follow then the person viewing the site losses interest quickly and has little reason to want to return to the web site.
Kudler Fine Foods has asked LINC (Logistical Information Networking Consultants) to prepare a report of some recommended changes to their web site. Kudler is looking for ways to increase the number of people visiting their site as well as making it more appealing for visitors to return to the site to learn about new products and recipes. Kudler also wants the new web site to be easy to maintain and offer many new features that some of their competitors already have. This report will first review Kudler Fine Food’s current web site and compare it to what other companies have now. The report will then discuss some recommendations of how to improve Kudler’s current site. The report will explain some of the maintenance concerns and describe ways to make maintenance easier.
Kudler fine food specializes in foods of a higher quality than others in the industry. The company prides itself on offering exceptional foods, produce, and other items like seafood, cheese and Diary. The website should mirror the high quality that the company’s food is known for. . The website is user friendly
The Kudler…...

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