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Kudler fine foods prides themselves on the best quality of shopping a customer can experience, the quality is reinforced in the company’s mission statement, vision, values, and goals. A close analysis of these four characteristics of the company, show a direct link to the existence and success of the company. Kudler Fine Foods mission is: “Kudler Fine Food's mission is to provide our customers the finest in selected foodstuffs, wines, and related needs in an unparalled consumer environment” (Apollo Group Inc., 2009). According to the mission statement on the company website, their mission is to bring the finest food and wine products from all around the world to one location. The prices are high than most grocery stores; however, the selection is equal to none. Kudler Fine Foods have created a vision, which gives the customers hands on experience while shopping.
Kudler’s vision brings celebrity chefs, and famous people who love gourmet cooking into the stores to interact with everyday shoppers. The customers get to shop for the finest foods in the world, and try their hand at learning a new cooking style within one shopping experience. The founder of Kudler Fine Foods is Kathy Kudler; Kathy used her vision and her values to develop a business plan that would excel her company into existence. The values of her company are seen in the foods in her stores. Kudler’s has selected professional employees who search the globe for specific foods and wines, which will be evaluated by the customers in her store. Any food product, which does not meet her standards for having a prolonged shelf life, will be replaced with another fine food or wine. Kudler Fine Foods goals are simple, the company does not want to overextend itself and loose the quality, which the company is built upon. Keeping a smaller amount of stores is better for Kathy, because she will have more control within…...