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John Yang
L&Sci 491
Chapter 12 Assignment
1. (FIRST) is an international of trusted computer incident response teams who specializes in computer security incidents & promoting incident prevention programs to users and others.
2. One of the responsibility the security manager usually do is to make sure security policies, standards and procedures are established and enforced from staff members, and coordinating information security inspections, tests and reviews from both parties of the staff and customers.
In this model or responsibility the security manager wants everything to go right and smoothly as to what’s required of the staff he/she hires them and perform to making sure no mistakes is made and keep the organization safe and sound.
Another site gives almost the exact same reasonability as my first finding, but just a little more depth into it. As to take responsibility for developing, maintaining monitoring compliance of all information security policy and procedures. Also with security risk analysis and risk management, and internal auditing on information security processes, controls and systems.
Also with this model, the security manager is the top priority to making sure everything is going as they should from training and what’s to be expected from his/her staffs. Because nothing comes more importantly than their customer in solving their systems or technical problem and being professionals at what they do!
3. Some that are similar are Win Sniffer, a utility capable of capturing SMTP, Pop3, IMAP, TelNet etc. Win Sniffer is a Windows – based utility. Ettercap is a multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched use on a LAN. Ettercap supports almost every major operating system platform and can be downloaded from…...

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