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LIU has given me many opportunities to explore my inner strengths and capabilities. Having knowledge is not only important but to apply that knowledge and gain experiences is most beneficial. To gain my experiences I have joined organizations at LIU and I have been looking for a job in a hospital. I have worked in a retail pharmacy previously, and therefore, now I want to focus more into hospital setting as I have great interest in clinical pharmacy. During my site visits in Walgreens and Brooklyn Hospital, I got the opportunity to figure out in which type of an environment I would prefer to work in the future. To gain my knowledge in the pharmacy career I have joined almost all Professional Development Programs and came across many great leaders. Besides it, I am also an …show more content…
Being a member of APhA, I had an opportunity to take part in many events. One of the event that I really enjoyed was the Bake Sale hosted by APhA. The purpose of the bake sale was to raise funds for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). I had a great experience. I learned that having the capability of interacting is the most important quality, since convincing customers to buy our products was important. I also took part in breast cancer awareness and as I am taking part in such activities, it is helping me to become more confident to improve and grow myself in the field of pharmacy. I want to be a leader in the future of an organization, most importantly I want to become a Director of Pharmacy. To become a leader, I need to build strong leadership qualities. Having the quality to become a great leader is one the most important skills. It also comes with many responsibilities. I want to be the leader who brings positive changes and help make the organization recognizable. I want to have the capability to coach a team into an efficient team. I have set short-term and long-term SMART goals that will help me develop my leadership qualities. My short-term goal

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