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Laaser 7 Desires

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This course examines how people were created for relationships and presents seven basic needs that both men and women have. When life sours or love goes bad, people often begin a search for false substitutes that they think will meet those needs, but don’t. Many times these substitutes will be sexual in nature and are as powerful and destructive as any other addiction. Dr. Laaser helps students understand how to overcome what fuels sexual sin so healthy choices can be made when meeting the needs of a person’s heart.

Learning Objectives: By the end of this lesson, students:

1. Will be able to understand the seven basic desires of every human being.

2. Will be able to identify the false substitutes often misused to fulfill desires.

3. Will be able to recognize how to find fulfillment through a relationship with God, healthy relationships with other Christians, and a one-flesh relationship with a spouse.


People are in a spiritual warfare in culture around sexuality. Satan has been attacking the church in the area of sexuality since its conception. This lesson will help students learn how to guard themselves against the devil’s attacks by learning how to fulfill their God-given desires through godly, healthy relationships.

I. Biblical Men Vulnerable to the Attack of Sexual Warfare

A. Samson: Tempted During Loneliness

B. David: Tempted After Being Scorned by His Wife

C. Solomon: Multiple Wives Enticed Him Away from God

Men and women are most vulnerable to sexual sin when they are lonely. We need to understand the desires of our hearts in order to guard ourselves against sexual temptation and fulfill those desires in the ways God intended.

II. The Seven Desires of Human Hearts

A. The Origin of These Desires Going Unmet • Invasiveness: Sexual or...

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