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Lab 1 Server 2012

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LAB 1 Questions
Exercise 1.1 1. Remove the File 2. Check to make sure that the drive is installed correctly in the PC and then if it still occurs you need to reformat the drive to work with the windows server.
Exercise 1.2
Roles on the Server Manager are File Services and Web Server (IIS) 3. The conditions that the upgrade option is not available during the windows server 2012 installation process is when it is a new hard drive with no previous version of windows. 4. An example of a compatibility note that will stop the upgrade process and force you to take action before restarting the installation would be when the previous version of windows installed is not able to be upgraded to windows server 2012.
Using server manager determine which roles are installed on the server and make a note of them in the space on your worksheet.
File and Storage Services and Web Server (IIS)

5. The proof that you would have that the procedure just completed has upgraded the operating system on the computer and not just performed a new, clean installation is to check to see if previous users are still available.
Exercise 1.3 6. You cannot install the Server Migration tools to the Server running Windows Server 2008 using the Add Roles and Features Wizard on your server because you must Register Windows Server Migration Tools on source computers that are running older releases of Windows Server than your destination server. That would be Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, or Windows Server...

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