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Lab #10 Assessment Questions & Answers

Network/Security Assessment Questionnaire
Network Assessment – Required Information

1. Do you have detailed logical network drawings? If so, please attach.

2. What Directory service, if any, is in use?

3. How many network elements do you have? List each, including make and model or attach list.

4. Have you configured multiple networks on this infrastructure? no 5. What internal (RFC1918 or otherwise not-Internet-routable) IP address ranges do you use?

6. What external (Internet routable) address ranges do you use?

7. What protocols are in use on your network?

8. What is the role of each network? (Attach list if multiple networks.)

9. How many hosts do you have on the network?

10. What operating systems are used among your servers and workstations?

11. What applications rely on your network(s)?

12. How many Internet-exposed servers are on your network?

13. What applications do you use to manage your network(s)?

14. What geographic locations connect to your network(s)?

15. What are your future growth plans for your network(s)?

Security Assessment – Required Information

1. Do you have firewalls, ACLs, or other types of traffic filters in place within your network? If yes, please describe.

2. What is the general firewall policy: Default permit, default deny inbound, default permit outbound?

3. Do you have any other filtering technologies implemented at the network or host level, such as data leakage prevention, spam filtering, and Web application firewall or other? If so, please describe.

4. Do you use wireless networking? If so, what types? What wireless security measures are in place?

5. Do you use any of the following technologies, and if so, what model:

b. Antivirus:
c. Anti-spyware or anti-spam:
d. Desktop encryption:
e. Other:...

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