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Lab #3: Case Study on Pci Dss Non-Compliance: Cardsystems Solutions

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1. Did CardSystems Solutions break any federal or state laws? Yes they did because they did follw the compliance of the pci dss. 2. CardSystems Solutions claims to have hired an auditor to assess compliance with PCI DSS and other best practices for ensuring the C-I-A of privacy data for credit card transaction processing. Assuming the auditor did indeed perform a PCI DSS security compliance assessment, what is your assessment of the auditor’s findings? That he either did not do a full audit of the company just showed him part of what he needed to see to pass them so they could operate without prying eyes 3. Can CardSystems Solutions sue the auditor for not performing his or her tasks and deliverables with accuracy? Do you recommend that CardSystems Solutions pursue this avenue? No they did not and if they had credibility then yes they should sue but if they are at fault then they will be brought to trial in civil court 4. Who do you think is negligent in this case study and why? The company and the auditor because neither one did their job to the fullest extent and it cost the company 5. Do the actions of CardSystems Solutions warrant an “unfair trade practice” designation as stated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)? Yes it does because they did not comply with the standards that were put before them 6. What security policies do you recommend to help with monitoring, enforcing, and ensuring PCI DSS compliance? They should have had the firewalls in place that had monitoring built in to it, their website should have watched much more closely, and antivirus that would have protected their servers. Also they should have blocked all ftp ports 7. What security controls and security countermeasures do you recommend for CardSystems Solutions to be in compliance with PCI DSS requirements? See 6 8. What was the end result of the...

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