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Labor and Rights Violations

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Labor and Rights Violations


October 17, 2011

This paper will cover child labor violations as well as human rights violations, I will address each topic and then give my personal opinion about what I think about the subject and what legal recourse might be readily available to remedy the situation.

Labor/Rights Violations

Human rights and labor violations have and will continue worldwide due to the extenuating needs of individuals to care for their families and the greed of the everyday businessman to save or turn an easy dollar. These violations are not only found in third world countries as the United States is just as guilty when it comes to hiring children to carry out work that is often unsafe and illegal. Although many view child labor and human rights violations as a scourge plaguing the business field, some of the people that choose or are forced into such unfair practices do it as a means to help support the family unit or to try and make it out of the belly of poverty. United States (Child Labor)

In May 2008 a Kosher meatpacking plant was raided by the state labor investigators and found to have 57 underage workers, some as young as 13 all illegal immigrants from Guatemala working in their plant. The workers were forced to work up to 17 hours a day often without overtime pay, being exposed to chemicals and being forced to use saws and knives which according to Iowa law are prohibited unless the worker is 18 years old. The workers openly admitted that they applied for the jobs using false documentation but the State said it was the responsibility of the business to ensure the workers documentation was correct and that is why the State was strongly urged to file charges against the plant (PRESTON, 2008).

Afghanistan (Child Labor)

In Wata Poor, Afghanistan a man and...

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