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Labor Employment System

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Most of my friends who are currently working are my undergraduate friends. Actually I have another class that requires interviewing my working friends about their opinions about their work. I think they have more complaints about their works than they actually enjoy their work. I think it might be because they just started working. I think both my parents enjoy their job even though they are always busy and have a lot of work to do.
In most cases, the friends would talk to me saying they feel that they need to work under a lot of pressure for a paycheck that can’t even cover their living cost and they might still need to ask their parents for money. This is especially true for those who work for consulting firms. Most of them hate working overtime to finish the endless project while their bosses would lose temper easily if they do not meet a deadline or if the boss is not satisfied with their work. They would not have time and energy to build personal connections with the colleagues. Some of them feel difficult to change from a student to a working person. For my parents I would think they hate that they need to deal with problematic kids since they are both teachers.
What they enjoy most I think would be learning and self-improving during work. When I talked to some of my friends who are currently working, they would share something they learned from work and they all sounded very proud and they said they would never know these stuff if they were not doing that job. For my parents, they usually said what they enjoy most about would be the summer and winter vacations that they get to rest and travel around.

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